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1. The concentration of which gas is highest in our environment? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Nitrogen

2. Which gas is used for the purification of water? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Chlorine

3. DDT is an [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Insecticide

4. The DPT vaccine, a mixture of three vaccines, is used to immunize against three medical conditions/ diseases. These medical conditions/ diseases are: [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus

7. The vitamin which is water soluble and generally excreted in urine is [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Vitamin C

8. Which gas is laughing gas? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Nitrous oxide

9. Which waves is used for Tele-communication? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Microwaves

10. Dialysis is used for patients having [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Kidney trouble

11. Which is not a constituent of automobile emission? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Hydrogen peroxide

12. The hardest substance available on earth is [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Diamond

13. Which is not a consequence of global warming? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Increased agricultural productivity worldwide

14. Spinach leaves are rich source of [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Vitamin A

15. Washing soda is the common name for [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Sodium carbonate

16. Insulin controls  [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Level of sugar in the blood

17. CAD stands for [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Computer Aided Design

18. Oil, water and gas can be present in a well in the ascending order of [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Gas, water, oil

19. The intensity of earthquake is measured by [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Seismograph

20. The speed of light with the rise of temperature of the medium [TPSC-2013]
Answer: Increases

21. Persons with which blood group are called universal donors? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: O

22. Carbon dioxide is green house gas true/false? [TPSC-2013]
Answer: True

23. A transformer is used to [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Increase or decrease A.C voltage

24. Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2014 was awarded for inventing one light-emitting diode This LED is [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Blue LED

25. Bronchitis is a disease of [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Respiratory tract

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